Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses centres on creating a good first impression, building a relationship with your customers and upholding your premises license. We at Rubicon Facilities Management will work with you to ensure that your venue is safe and secure so that your customers have the best possible experience.

Our Door Supervisors display a smart, professional appearance and a friendly demeanor in order to welcome customers to your venue and encourage passing trade. Door Supervisors are often the first and last point of contact your customers have with your venue and we ensure they receive the right impression. Our door supervisors are able to undertake a variety of tasks including:

  • Maintaining entrance policies,

  • Enforcing search policies without causing offence to your clientele,

  • Checking tickets and re-admittance policies

  • Adhering to fire safety rules

  • Implementation of first aid when required

  • Implementation of regulation evacuation a

  • Ensure compliance to licensing laws.

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